For years and years of suffering from what almost seems like invisible ailments, I finally went to a allergist May 2011, only to find that I'm severely allergic to SOY. And all nuts, celery, carrots, melons, over ripe fruits, sesame,barley (no more beer!) and green peas/green beans. Fun huh? I was such a food lover. I still am. but now I have to be careful. Really careful.

With the celery, carrots, melons and over ripe fruits, I experienced discomfort in my mouth, itchy throat and little bumps.

With the SOY, the reactions varied. 
If it was made with soy, I had intense all over the body itchiness, that would last for days.
If it was soy protein, I would have trouble swallowing and breathing. 

Unfortunately for me, I'm unable to get a e-pin pen unless I have a documented reaction by the ER.  
So far I've been lucky.
No ER for me.
Benadryl has eased my reactions and I've just had to re-do my snacking and eating out.

Finding out that you have a severe food allergy is not something you can plan in advance for. It's not like a diet or exercise plan.
 On top of that, I'm lactose intolerant.  Which means I can't have whole milk and generic creams/ice creams.
I have to be careful with 'cow milk' cheeses, if I have too much, I get a tummy ache and cold like symptoms.

I am using this blog to help me cope with this life changing event and hopefully help others.

I will be sharing my recipes, soy free food places, art work, and random musings.